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Whatever You Have Learned,

Put It Into Practice

The Thir13en team is directed by a motivation to provide cost effective solutions to assist in not creating adverse effects to global warming through the construction of residential/commercial developments.

The Thir13en team is founded upon Tor Hoie’s lifelong experience in low-carbon construction in response to continued requests for assistance in the modern build industry.  An innovator and consultant, Tor has worked within the Construction Industry around the world for 35 years specialising in innovative raw materials product development, environmental effects and controls and energy efficiencies for buildings.  In that time he has assembled and refined what we believe to be the most universally useful process for managing the details of constructing efficiently, through the Integrated Design Process©.  Tor has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to study many different building systems and learn from some of the brightest minds in the productivity industry. This education has enabled him to take the best tips and techniques from other experts and systems, create some of his own, and adapt the result to the changing technology of the twenty-first century, bringing forth low-carbon, energy efficient solutions for clients.

Having spent decades researching materials to reduce environmental impact, Tor has also done an extensive evaluation of the environmental impact of not only ordinary building materials but other factors as well, such as the capital equipment brought in through new regulatory requirements to make buildings more energy efficient.  It is not just the raw materials that have undergone intense scrutiny… Every step in the design process has been through a calculated evaluation of the potential environmental impact. This includes a thorough examination of the mining and manufacturing processes, transport and logistics, with consideration given to where the product is made, how far it has to travel and whether it will pollute the internal or external environment.

Entering the UK in ’93, Tor was at first shocked and dismayed at housing stock being built to below-par levels of insulation and energy efficiencies compared to the rest of the northern EU housing stock.  Tor lobbied varied UK Government parties towards effecting change within the industry, passing along experience and informational data supporting his ‘dramatic’ revelations which he considered ‘just common sense.’  Way before this was recognised as a requirement for future-proofing housing stock against CO2 emissions, fuel poverty et al, Tor arguably was the first to coin the term ‘fabric-first’ before it became commonly used within the industry.

Climate Change spurred various governmental actions that led to the industry taking action towards proper efficiencies regardless of whether someone agreed with the arguments in regards to Climate Change; Tor managed to convince most that in the end ‘It’s just the right thing to do!’

At the beginning of the new Century, Tor invented the multi-award winning low-carbon Mantle® Building System© and founded Mantle Panel, Ltd. Later, detailed analysis by WS Atkins (now Atkins), the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and the University of Bath confirmed that the Embodied Carbon Dioxide (CO2e [kgCO2/m³]) content of the Mantle Building System is dramatically lower than competitor building systems.  Along with super-insulation performance, air-tightness and energy efficiencies this culminated in the granting of, amongst other awards, the renowned BCE Environmental Leadership Product and Service Commendation Award in 2012.

After leaving Mantle Panel Ltd, Tor has been pursuing an even better, higher rated building system with more economics of scale, being able to provide not only an incredibly lower carbon structural shell, but the actual cost-effective solutions that work with this new air-tight shell to lower costs for the developer/self-builder while ensuring the lowest ongoing running costs available within the industry.

Through working with clients, contractors, developers, Architects, designers, and regulatory bodies, Tor and his associates at Thir13en have developed unparalleled contacts to assist clients with the morass of entanglement one incurs while trying to understand all the new parameters within the new building regulations and the construction industry, while promoting unique insights into building beyond expected parameters, while saving clients money and frustration.

Mission Statement:  Build Tight, Insulate Right, and by using our Integrated Design Process outdo competitive solutions in relation to Client benefits…

“Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the equator to the poles.”


–World Environment Day, June 5, 2017

Tor is often asked what his driving motivation is behind his low-carbon, energy efficient products and solutions, and for Tor it is really a no-brainer. Below you will find a video that emphasises why everyone should do what they can to reduce their energy requirements (within reason), and why this should be a stricter Government regulation, throughout the world.  “There’s No Tomorrow” is a half-hour animated documentary about resource depletion, energy and the impossibility of infinite growth on a finite planet. Inspired by the pro-capitalist cartoons of the 1940s, the film is an introduction to the energy dilemmas facing the world today. ‘There’s No Tomorrow’ is an animated film dealing with resource depletion, energy, growth and collapse. It is a primer on the energy dilemmas facing the world of the 21st century. ‘There’s No Tomorrow’ is primarily the work of one person, and was created over ~3 years in conjunction with the Post Carbon Institute. Whether you agree with everything therein or not, it is worth viewing, so grab a cuppa and a piece of cake, and be prepared for an eye-opening experience which will at the least give one food for thought.
  • Created by (All rights go to):

  • Film-Maker Dermot O’ Connor.
    Born: Ireland, 1969. Began in animation in 1988. Moved to the US in 1993. Worked on features, TV, Internet/mobile; currently teaches online.
    Based in Portland, Oregon.

  • A screenshot from this movie is currently used in the catalogue for the Louvre’s exhibition ‘A Brief History of the Future’ (page 64).

  • ‘To Boldly Grow’ is the comic book version of the documentary ‘There’s No Tomorrow’. There are two reasons for the title change: firstly, most people missed the point of the movie, which was an attack on Growth; secondly, the title scared people, who assumed it means ‘we’re doomed’. This is not the message of the film, or the book.

      Below is another perspective on the future from Nissan and Fosters + Partners, self-serving yet potentially clairvoyant:

Fuel Station of the Future puts paid to the pumps

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