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A SAP Compliant, Energy Efficiency & Low-Carbon Building Solution Consultancy


Tired of ever increasing heating and hot water costs? Thir13en Solutions © works to deliver a radical step-change in sustainability performance for the UK built environment by bucking the trend. We take a holistic view in regards to sustainability, aiming to create healthy, environmentally sound, energy efficient, low-carbon and productive buildings that support sustainable lifestyles and communities.


As fuel poverty will affect more and more people as time goes by, and it is highly probable that energy costs are not going to go down for any sustained period of time, our brief is normally on behalf of clients and investors, supporting them to deliver sustainable projects through design, procurement and delivery.  We act on the clients’ behalf with all the varied agencies and organisations whose input is needed to meet new building regulations.  We ensure the client or investor actually get the best integrated technology solutions throughout and including the building that money can buy, in our opinion and through our experience, ultimately as a package for less than comparable costs of conventional construction. Through the Integrated Design Process© Thir13en Solutions © ensures the structure is specified correctly to ensure the greatest economical, eco/energy efficiency gain for the lowest capital investment.


Energy is at the heart of the human predicament in the 21st Century.

"We are now facing a transformational moment in our energy story. As we leave the age of seemingly cheap and plentiful fossil fuels and enter an era of extreme energy, the ever-rising financial, social, and environmental costs of fossil fuels can no longer be ignored."

Post Carbon Institute




How would you like a building that:

Is so energy efficient that your energy bills stop being a concern?

Is exactly what you have dreamt of?

Has a great inert and low carbon structural support system without sagging, shrinking, cracking or decaying?

Can be future-proofed with flexibility of design, wherein many designs do not need internal load-bearing walls, allowing for future changes as requirements change?

Is so environmentally responsible that it achieves highest ratings in whatever respect, as a matter of course?

Costs less than what you are expecting to pay for it, with no surprises?

Welcome to Thir13en Solutions © where we are passionate about energy efficient, low-carbon, cost effective construction.  Without meaning to be pedantic herein, one will find explanations to the Codes for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) or PassivHaus Certification, SAP assessments, EPC, U-values, Decrement Delay and Psi-values; most of which one needs to be aware of to get an overview understanding of, so one can get a clearer perception into affordable and sustainable housing and some of the technologies used in modern construction.

Hopefully the most important thing that Thir13en Solutions © manages to impress upon the reader is that new buildings are no longer boxes to which one bolts on solutions that improves its performance… Rather, all the solutions working as one (holistically) is what provides a healthy energy efficient micro-climate that is easy enough to manage, without having to fully understand all the underlying engineering, while being aware of them.

One of the biggest surprises is that building better needs not cost more!  Cost effectiveness comes from understanding the principles required to meet low carbon, air-tight, energy efficient homes taking a ‘fabric first’ approach.Thir13en Solutions © does not accept arguments that a better house or structure costs more; that is usually an approach by vested-interest parties.

There are a lot of cost-effective solutions to create marvellous and energy efficient homes out there… Our approach is to provide one complete solution including cost parameters that will allow the discerning self-builder or developer to ‘future-proof’ normally the single biggest investment one will make in their lives and its appearance can look exactly the way one would like it to, dependent upon Planning Permission.

The ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ (CfSH) in regards to new-build stands for the need for everyone to significantly reduce their embedded and ongoing Carbon Footprint i.e.; the amount of energy we use to construct our dream home and continue to consume just to live in our own home.  Don’t be confused about the arguments in regards to CfSH in the Press; basically, the underlying principles of CfSH is being incorporated into Building Regulations, so varied parties may call it one thing or the other for the time being.  Unless one is an Architectural Technologist or SAP assessor or both, all of the varied details that are taken into account can be confusing to say the least, but that is what Thir13en Solutions © is all about: We can explain it, and assist with projects if so desired.

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